NOI Hackathon Summer Edition

NOI Hackathon Summer Edition is a 24 hour event that brings together creatives and developers to conceive new ideas and projects.


[NEWS!] NOI Hackathon Summer Edition made safe - you decide whether to participate in person at the Lido or online.

2 days, 24 hours, different topics to work on, one jury and amazing prizes. Inventors and creative people: developers, designers, data experts, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. We welcome different ideas, backgrounds and competences. We always have in mind Open Data and Open Source projects, as we want to promote an open and innovative culture. Presentations and code will be published on a public git repository as Open Source prototype.


The event is realized by the Tech-Transfer Digital of the NOI Techpark.

  • Register to participate

    To participate you must register! You can also sign up with a last minute registration.

  • Play solo or team up

    Participants can present their project as an individual as well as a team (up to max 4).

  • CREATE and present your working prototype

    We usually like to see innovative projects that could improve people's lives.

  • Let the jury decide and possibly win!

    The jury, composed of open data and technology experts, will choose the winner for every single prize.

  • What should I bring?

    Your laptop and creativity! There's a camping on the rooftop. You may take a power nap there: bring your tent and your sleeping bag!

  • Will there be food?

    Yes! We will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for free.

  • Is the event free of charge?

    Yes, the NOI Hackathon is free of charge.

  • I will play solo. Can I participate?

    Of course! We accept teams from 1 up to 4 people.

  • What language should I speak?

    All the official parts of the event are in English. You'll have to understand and speak basic business English.

  • How teams will be created?

    Some participants come already as a team but teams can also be formed during the event!

  • Do I have the skills to participate?

    Yes! If you are an inventor, creative person, developer, designer, data expert, entrepreneur or enthusiast…

  • Do I have to bring an idea?

    You can, of course, come with lots of ideas... but you'll then have to consider the hidden criteria of the prizes!

  • How is the jury composed?

    The jury can have a mix of developers, entrepreneurs, designers, data experts...

    In every jury there will always be at least one developer with technical skills in software development.

  • How will my work be evaluated?

    Your team work evaluation will be based on the presentation (a 3 minute speech including set up on stage) and the code that will be published on the team page website.

  • How can I have info about challenges?

    Register to the Slack workspace noi-hackathon.slack.com. There is a channel dedicated for each challenge where you can have information and reach mentors.

  • How can I register during Hackathon?

    Just go to hackathon.bz.it/secure/register and follow the steps. Once you have registered you can login to hackathon.bz.it/secure/login.


  • Day 1 Friday 7th
  • 9 - 10 Check-in
  • 10.00 Opening & participants pitches
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 14.00 Time starts
  • 14.05 Prize criteria presentation by sponsors
  • 17.00 First presentation round
  • 19.00 Dinner
  • nighttime Nighttime hacking & swimming - Power napping on the rooftop camping (bring your tent and your sleeping bag!)
  • Day 2 Saturday 8th
  • 07.00 Breakfast
  • 10.00 Second presentation round
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.00 Time ends
  • 14.05 Project presentation time
  • 15.30 Jury retires to vote
  • 16.00 Winner proclamation


  • Win an Amazon Gift card

    Win an Amazon Gift card

    Offered by Gruppo FOS

    Read more

    You and your team will receive a 100 € Amazon Gift Card (one for each team member)

    Show criteria Check this out right after the kick-off
  • Win a travel voucher to be used at a local HDS / Unione travel agency

    Win a travel voucher to be used at a local HDS / Unione travel agency

    Offered by SiMedia

    Read more

    Explore the world with a travel voucher worth 100 € per team member (max. 4) at a local travel agency from HDS / Unione.

    Show criteria Check this out right after the kick-off
  • Win a Salewa Gift Card

    Win a Salewa Gift Card

    Offered by Systems GmbH

    Read more

    You and your team will receive a 400 € (100€ per Person) voucher at Salewa.

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Partners & Sponsors

We are proud to be sponsored by these amazing companies

  • Gruppo FOS
  • SiMedia
  • Systems GmbH